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About the project

Located in Fort Bend County, Texas, the 430MWAC Old 300 Solar Center will have the capability to power 74,600 homes annually; helping meet the energy needs of Texans during peak demand periods. Ørsted, a leading developer of wind and solar projects across the United States, will construct, own and operate the Old 300 Solar Center.

The project is a long-term asset for Ørsted and the Fort Bend County community. By empowering local landowners who are leasing their land for this project, the development of Old 300 Solar creates a dependable income source for family ranches. Furthermore, project construction will create hundreds of local jobs and the long-term operation of Old 300 Solar will generate millions in property tax revenue for Fort Bend County and the Needville Independent School District.

Name: Old 300 Solar Center
Location: Fort Bend County, Texas
Capacity: 430 MWAC
Annual Production: Enough to power 74,600 homes
Owner & Developer: Ørsted
Interconnection: CenterPoint Energy
Jobs created during construction: Approximately 300
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Project milestones

Construction timeline

January – March 2021

  • Site Preparation

March – June 2021

  • Clearing and Civil Work Piles and Racking Installation

May – October 2021

  • Collection System Installation
  • Substation and Transmission System Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance Building

November 2021 – April 2022

  • Energization and Commissioning

The Old 300 Solar Center has officially entered its Construction Phase! We are excited to be working alongside Blattner Energy and Bradly Construction Management to ensure a safe construction site is implemented.

Construction of the project is anticipated to take between 12 and 14 months and will be performed by Blattner Energy. The Old 300 Solar Center will begin producing power in December 2021 and will be fully operational in April 2022. Once operational, the project will provide low-cost electricity during peak demand periods to the Houston ERCOT service territory. Schedule subject to change.



Benefits of partnering with Ørsted

As a long-term operator of solar and wind projects, Ørsted is committed to the highest quality standards of project construction and safety. This starts with the first steps of development and lasts until the project is decommissioned.


  • Procurement of solar panels from Tier 1 manufacturers that adhere to the highest quality standards
  • Local procurement of materials and local hiring, when possible.  Approximately 25-50% of union hires for construction of the project will be sourced locally
  • Regular deployment of Operation & Maintenance staff to ensure site safety and peak performance
  • 24/7 system monitoring to track performance and proactively detect any issues
Old 300 rendering

Good neighbors

Throughout the construction and operation, Ørsted will hold meetings with Fort Bend County officials and will meet directly with neighbors to address their concerns, questions, or comments that may arise.

Contact us at (855) 653-3007.


Health and safety

Ørsted is dedicated to operating a safe and reliable solar energy system. Ørsted prioritizes site water management, mowing, safety and site security. We collaborate with trade associations such as the Texas Solar Power Association and the Advanced Power Alliance to ensure state-recognized standards are maintained for our solar site throughout its life and encourage other developers to adhere to similar standards.

Additionally, a combination of native seeds will be planted within the project footprint to avoid erosion and ensure the restoration of native habitat. The project’s vegetation management plan was established with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department coordination.


- Why solar

The Old 300 Solar project will generate millions in property tax revenue over its lifetime that will benefit Fort Bend County and the Needville Independent School District. In addition, the project will contribute to the local economy through the numerous jobs created and rental income to landowners. Construction will create upwards of 300 jobs as well as several full-time employment opportunities throughout the lifetime of the project. Solar energy generates electricity without the air and water pollution of other fuel sources. The Old 300 Solar project will secure affordable energy, clean air, and clean water for Fort Bend County.

Old 300 Solar will allow local Texan landowners to optimize the economic potential of their land holdings



Local partners

Orsted local partners – Biowest
Orsted local partners – Fort Bend Economic Development Council
Orsted local partners – JFWCO
Orsted local partners – Needlesville ISD
Orsted local partners – Terracon


What's in a name?

The name “Old 300” honors the approximately 300 families and partnerships who received land grants in Stephen F. Austin’s first colony. Stephen F. Austin’s father, Moses Austin, received a permit from the Spanish in 1821 to settle 300 families in Texas. Unfortunately, Moses Austin died before he could realize his plans for these 300 families.  

Later, Stephen F. Austin took his father’s place and won recognition of the empresario's grant. Austin quickly found willing colonists from Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. By the end of the summer of 1824, most of the “Old Three Hundred” were in Texas settling in along the rich bottomlands of the Brazos, Colorado, and San Bernard Rivers. The land where they settled is what we know now as Ft. Bend County.   


About Ørsted

The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Ørsted develops, constructs, and operates offshore and onshore wind farms, solar farms, energy storage facilities, renewable hydrogen and green fuels facilities, and bioenergy plants. Moreover, Ørsted provides energy products to its customers. Ørsted is the only energy company in the world with a science-based net-zero emissions target as validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and Ørsted aims to deliver a net-positive biodiversity impact from all new renewable energy projects it commissions from 2030 at the latest. Ørsted is recognized on the CDP Climate Change A List as a global leader on climate action. Headquartered in Denmark, Ørsted employs over 8,000 people. Ørsted's shares are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen (Orsted). In 2021, the group's revenue was DKK 77.7 billion (EUR 10.4 billion).

For more information on Ørsted, visit us.orsted.com or follow us on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter.

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